Landowners Guide to the Lower St Croix River

Who To Contact

Contact your local government (city administrator or, if property is in a township, the county planner), the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), or the National Park Service (for scenic easements) before undertaking any work on your property to learn about Riverway zoning regulations related to your proposed activity or project. For more information or questions about the Riverway rules, contact the DNR area hydrologist.

National Park Service (for scenic easements): 715-483-2261
Lands Program Manager: Laura Hojem.

Minnesota Contacts

MN DNR (Properties in Washington County): 651-259-5754
MN DNR Hydrologist: Dan Scollan. (651-259-5732)
MN DNR (Properties in Chisago County): 763-689-7100
MN DNR Hydrologist: Craig Wills.
MN DNR Easements: 651-259-5599
Daniel Golner:

Lakeland: 651-436-4430
Lakeland Shores: 651-436-1789
Lake St. Croix Beach: 651-436-7031
St. Mary’s Point: 651-436-1099

For townships, contact your county:
Washington County: 651-430-4307
Planner: Kurt Howard.
Chisago County: 651-213-8382