Lower St Croix Riverway Best Practices for Zoning Applications

Work with your local zoning administrator and relevant local, state, and federal agencies to learn more about the restrictions on your property and best practices for zoning applications in the Riverway. This will save everyone time and money and will help preserve the St. Croix River’s Wild and Scenic characteristics.


The Lower St. Croix Riverway was included in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act in 1972 to protect its free-flowing character, water quality, and outstanding geologic, scenic and recreational values. The National Park Service manages the upper 26 miles between the north City Limits of Stillwater, MN and the hydroelectric dam at Taylors Falls, MN. The states (MN & WI), counties, township municipalities, and units of local government cooperatively manage the lower 26 miles of this nationally significant resource.