Planning & Zoning

As a resident, when you file for the following Applications from the City of Lakeland:


  • Conditional Use Permit (CUP)
  • Grading and Filling Permit
  • Variance
  • Certificate of Compliance


you will be asked for a permit fee and an escrow fee. Please see the 2021 fee schedule for a complete list of land use applications and associated fee and escrow amounts @

 The permit fee covers the costs of the work that the City Clerk put into helping you get your permit issued. If the permit is not issued the fee is nonrefundable.

 The escrow money covers the costs of the Engineering, Zoning and the City Attorney for their time in assisting you with completing your permit applications and your projects. Please understand even if you do not move ahead with your project that Engineering and Zoning may have their time invested into your project.

 Any remaining funds, after all expenses are applied are returned to the Applicant. Expenses incurred over the escrow amount will be billed to the Applicant. 

The ESCROW deposit is used to pay expenses incurred by the City related to the permit. Any excess funds remaining after the matter has been concluded shall be refunded to the applicant. No interest shall accrue on any deposit. If expenses, in excess of the refundable deposit are incurred, the applicant will be billed for the excess.

There may be additional fees for other governmental agencies such as County, Watershed District, State agencies, or others that may have authority over your property for approvals and required permits.

Landowners Guide to the Lower St Croix River

This resource was created by the St. Croix River Association with funding from the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources. Thank you to the many cities, counties, government agencies, landowners, and realtors that reviewed this resource and supported our efforts to increase awareness of Riverway regulations on the Lower St. Croix River.

Lower St Croix Riverway Best Practices for Zoning Applications

This resource is most useful for landowners (and their representatives) considering making changes to a property in the St. Croix Riverway District. The following processes and worksheets are helpful tools for landowners, developers, realtors, and local governments to collaborate and communicate early on development projects in the St. Croix Riverway