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Rum River Construction Consultants provides building inspection services to the City of Lakeland, and Andy Schreder serves as the Chief Building Official. Rum River Construction Consultants is committed to a quality, customer service oriented approach to building official and inspection services. 

PRIOR TO STARTING ANY BUILDING PROJECT, please call the Rum River Construction Consultants 763-331-7722 to determine whether a permit will be required.

The Minnesota State Building Code and the City of Lakeland ordinances, which are both enforced by the City and Rum River Construction Consultants, provide minimum standards to safeguard life, property and public well-being by regulating and inspecting the design, construction and quality of materials used in building Projects.

Inspections are required for all building, construction, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work to ensure the building activity meets the building and city codes and adheres to approved plans.

In an effort to provide excellent customer service and avoid unnecessary delays please provide 2 day’s notice for all inspection requests.


***Please call the office at 763-331-7722 or email to schedule your inspections.***


Awarded Building Department of the Year - Association of MN Building Officials 

About Rum River Construction Consultants

Here To Serve You!

Rum River Consultants was presented the Building Department of the Year Award for 2021 at the ICC Region III Institute on Tuesday, February 8th. This prestigious award recognized RRCC in our development and education for building officials and inspectors. The award read in part, “Their experienced staff led by Andy Schreder ensures the community can feel confident that buildings in their jurisdiction are built to today’s codes and standards. These efforts translate into improved public safety in the built environment.” Professional Organization of Building Officials, Inspectors, and Educators

Our Passion

Provide excellent customer service while completing permit and inspection processes for building contractors and property owners to ensure construction materials and methods meet standards for a safe, durable and energy efficient building.​


 Building code criteria can often be complex and detailed.

 Interpretations and applications must be precise and reliable. 


 Utilizing cloud based  technology, staff are able to maintain records, communicate with project managers on all inspections, and ensure documents are preserved for  municipal archives.


 Consistency among inspectors and adherence to the published standards allows permit applicants to rely on RRCC for uniform application of all codes and standards.