Building Department

The City's Building Inspector is Rum River Construction Consultants for Building Inspection and Safety services.

Please contact City Hall at 651.436.4430 for answers to building code related questions.

PRIOR TO STARTING ANY BUILDING PROJECT, please call the City Office (651.436.4430) to determine whether a permit will be required.

The Minnesota State Building Code and the City of Lakeland ordinances, which are both enforced by the City, provide minimum standards to safeguard life, property and public well-being by regulating and inspecting the design, construction and quality of materials used in building Projects.

Inspections are required for all building, construction, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work to ensure the building activity meets the building and city codes and adheres to approved plans.

ALL BUILDING PROJECTS REQUIRE A PERMIT* (i.e. new construction, remodeling, fence, deck, etc.) EXCEPT small projects and repairs with a value of less than $500.00. The building inspector is responsible for issuing building permits and overseeing the construction of all phases of projects being done within the city limits.

All payments for permits must be CASH OR CHECK ONLY, the city can not accept any credit/debit cards.