Public Works/Water Utility

Moving? How to request a final utility meter reading

Property owners that are selling their home must contact City Hall at 651-436-4430 to request a final utility meter reading at least 5 days prior to closing on the sale of the home.  Final meter readings are scheduled Monday - Friday and are completed on the day of closing or as soon thereafter as the schedule permits.  A final meter reading request form can be accessed under the "City Forms and Handouts" heading under the "City Information" section of the city's website.  

Following the final reading, a utility bill will be generated for all usage since the last billing cycle and any delinquent charges.  Payment of the final bill is the responsibility of the seller.

Please be advised that until a final meter reading is completed, the seller is responsible for all sewer and water usage at the property.  For this reason, it is very important that the seller schedule a final reading on the day of closing, to ensure the seller is not billed for usage by the new property owner.

When contacting City Hall for a final meter reading, it is helpful for the seller to have the contact information for the new property owner, so a new account can be created for the propertyIf this information is unknown, the seller should advise the new property owner at the closing to contact the city to create a new utility billing account for the property.