Animal Control

Animal Control Information

The City of Lakeland Animal Control Officer is Brit Harmon.  Brit is on call at 715-220-1332 from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM, 7 days a week.

All Animals Must Be Leashed.

The Animal Control Officer can pick up dogs and cats running at large.  Every effort will be made to return the animal to its owner. If not, it will be taken to the Woodbury Humane Society and held until the owner has paid all City and Shelter fees. 

How do I contact animal control?

Call Companion Animal Control at (715) 220-1332.   Established in 2011, Companion Animal Control serves more than 24 cities/towns within Pierce County, WI, St. Croix County, WI and Washington County, MN.  Companion Animal Control responds to hundreds of calls each year to help animals, working closely with law enforcement to keep your community safe by responding to pick up stray animals, investigate concerns of cruelty/neglect, nuisance complaints and dog bites. 

Where are animals impounded?

Animal Humane Society, 9785 Hudson Road, Woodbury MN (651) 730-6008.  Animals are held for the state required holding period, then evaluated for adoption and/or rescue placement.  Owners reclaiming their animal should expect to pay a reclaim fee and may be additionally invoiced by the city to recuperate animal control expenses and/or issued a citation for an at large animal.

What to do if I’ve found an animal?

  • If possible, contain and/or leash the animal. Never approach an animal that is behaving aggressively.
  • Call Washington Co. Sheriff Non-Emergency (651) 439-9381 and Companion Animal Control (715) 220-1332.
  • Companion Animal Control will respond to pick up the animal and will post it online at: , notify your neighborhood by sharing the posting on social media or email. The animal will be safely kept for the state required holding period before transfer to a rescue or adoption.
  • Consider posting a "Found" report on a website such as and the

What to do if I’ve lost an animal?

  • Call Washington Co. Sheriff Non-Emergency (651) 439-9381 to report your pet missing, Companion Animal Control checks County lost animal reports when responding to calls of found animals.
  • Check the Companion Animal Control found animal posts:
  • Call and visit the impound facility Animal Humane Society, 9785 Hudson Road, Woodbury MN (651) 730-6008 to search for your animal.
  • For tips on finding your lost animal visit:


Animal Owner Responsibilities

Please be advised that owners are responsible for the behavior and care of their animal(s), to ensure proper safety of residents and other animals in the city, including to, but not limited to the following:

1.  Animals must not obstruct or interfere with any pedestrian or motor vehicle upon any public way or public area.

2.  Animals must be controlled so that they do not disturb, make excessive noise, or interfere with the rights of other persons or animals.

3.  Animals must be controlled so that they do not cause damage to public or private property.  Owners are responsible for any damage caused by their animal.

4.  Animals must be provided proper shelter, wholesome food and water, veterinary care, and humane treatment.

5.  Owners must clean and dispose of all fecal matter created by their animal on public and private property.  Animal waste on private property must be removed daily to prevent odors from occurring.