The Administration Department is responsible for overall city administration and operations. We are located at -

 Lakeland City Office 1190 St. Croix Trail S Lakeland, MN 55043. 

Contact City Hall for general information on building permits, zoning, picnic shelter reservations, City Council meetings, and for referral to other departments.

 Telephone:(651) 436-4430, Fax: (651) 436-3949

 Open: Monday thru Thursday 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM



City Engineer: Erik Henningsgard, Short Elliot Hendrickson

Licensed engineering consultant focused on providing superior service to clients. Specializing in infrastructure construction and management for both public and private clients. Interested in building long term working relationships based on mutual trust.

Specialties: City, Town and County engineering, including buildings, roads, utilities, structures, parks, trails, storm water projects and all types of infrastructure. Experienced in all facets of engineering, including planning, studies and reports, design, construction documents, construction oversight, public involvement, and financing.

City Inspector: Rum River Construction Consultants

Inspections are required for all building, construction, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work to ensure the building activity meets the building and city codes and adheres to approved plans.

In an effort to provide excellent customer service and avoid unnecessary delays please provide 2 day’s notice for all inspection requests.


***Please call the office at 763-331-7722 or email to schedule your inspections.***

City Clerk: Michelle Elsner

“Developing strong relationships is the foundation of everything I do, both professionally and personally.”